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Why Alpha Gam?

As a collegiate member of Alpha Gamma Delta, you are surrounded by sisterhood from day one. Chapter meetings and philanthropy events are just a small portion of the things that you will do to build a bond with your chapter sisters. Memories you make with them will live on for years after your collegiate time is over. Member of Alpha Gamma Delta are provided several opportunities to hold leadership positions and further their personal development through Alpha, Gamma and Delta experiences.

Alumnae members of Alpha Gamma Delta have endless opportunities to stay involved with the Fraternity. Alpha Gamma Delta can provide a lifelong ability to give back, whether you choose to volunteer with a collegiate chapter as an advisor or with a larger role on the Volunteer Service Team. Many cities and areas across North American have Alumnae Chapters/Clubs that alumnae can join to keep with with sisters and meet other Alpha Gams close to home.


Our sisters are so in love with our organization. Every single member has their own Alpha Gam story. We all come from different places around the world. We all are studying different things, and we all have passions that lie in a multitude of places. We all share one common purpose, but we all bring different things to the table through that purpose. Now we want to share some of those stories with you.

So why do we love Alpha Gam?

"Alpha Gam is my home away from home." - Katie Sieger, Music Therapy major

"Alpha Gam is full of kind, passionate, inspiring women. I felt welcomed the moment I first spoke to a member. The leadership, sense of community and genuine care of each member is what I love about Alpha Gam." - Kalin Hagedorn, Music Therapy major

"Alpha Gamma Delta is a community where I receive so much support in everything I do. It is such an encouraging environment!" - Isabel Baldinger, Music Business major

"Without this organization I wouldn't be who I am. I wouldn't have my best friends, I wouldn't have 200 girls to call sisters, I wouldn't have a purpose to live out. This sorority isn't just about cute pictures or t-shirts or date parties or formals. It's about the incredible women in this organization and the values we collectively share and embody." - Melissa Findley, Music Education major

"Alpha Gam has given me a home away from home. In Alpha Gam, I am surrounded by women who constantly support me and encourage me to be the best version of me I can be! Alpha Gamma Delta's purpose and passion for service and growth are a few of the many reasons I love Alpha Gam so much!" - Claudia Lawhon, Music Business major

"What makes me love Alpha Gamma Delta so much is how we truly fulfill the word sisterhood. Everyone is so unique in their own way and brings something different to our sisterhood. Everyone truly looks out for each other and supports one another and it's so nice to know I will always have sisters that will be there for me no matter what." - Ainsley Barry, Mass Communications major

"Alpha Gam has given me the confidence, love, passion, and wisdom to become a better person. Because of Alpha Gam, I have been able to flourish and meet some of my best friends and future bridesmaids." - Mary Katelyn Price, Music Business major